The sarees were becomes preferred casual wear

Years before, the sarees were the only attire for Indian women wardrobe. But today the fashion world changed with the influence of western dressing. It’s because we can expect that at least one Indian market is there in every corner of the world. The NRI peoples were visit India with their foreign dressing style.

Next core factor which separating us from our tradition is the film industry of course. You know now our films were imitating Hollywood and their life styles. These are the demerits which can hardly affect our values. I think now the bollywood is the copycat of Hollywood, Tollywood and Mollywood. Then also they don’t conveying the real effects.
Hollywood is very big budged like around $150-250 million dollars. And the maximum budged that comes in bollywood is $17-20 million dollars.  The good suggestion I can give to the film industry is to produce good films with moral values. But still some of the filmmakers are having the commitment towards our country and they presenting sarees and it got boom in the saree sales.

I’m so happy to see the Hollywood film Life of PI which shows the Indian story without losing our cultures. The mother of pi is the actress Tabbu with traditional sarees. It’s the story of a boy form south India. I feel proud of it. The actor Suraj Sharma who acted the role of Pi is a malayali. You know still the trends of sarees growing day by day.
It’s because of the good appreciated film makers of our country who were introducing good characters in sarees and the designers who were making the trends for us. The real salute goes for them.
Sarees is the only attire which every woman in every corner demanded. Since years of voyage still if you ask to any women that which is your favorite attire ever? They surely will say the sarees.
It has becomes the best casual wear nowadays. Woman wears it in offices, events, even at home also. So get ready to buy the latest sarees from and proud to be an Indian without imitating anything.


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