Indian Sarees – Beauty of Indian Women

The Indian sarees have got their authentic look by incorporating the traditional techniques of making saree as well as including different cultural influences. For instance Bandhani sarees are created by the artisans and about nine totally different social groups are involved with the production of traditional Bandhani textiles in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Bandhani sarees and odhnis are worn by women of all religions, castes and tribes, and are made of cotton, mulberry silk, and even wool in the case of some ethnic odhnis.

An Indian Bridal Sarees is a traditional saree that is heavily embroidered. A bridal saree is in the same style as a normal saree and often this garment is re-used by the brides for other important family functions in the future. The Indian artisans create a huge range of sarees that are based on pure silk fabrics. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka also have saree as a most loved lady wear.

Even though fashions are now changing and different dresses are worn by ladies in these countries also, they all agree that saree gives a different look altogether. Saree is a single stretch of cloth running now to a length of 5 to five and a half meters. In earlier days, its length used to reach even 7 meters.

A saree has the parts border and pallu. Border and pallu will be usually of the same color, but the body part covers the most part of the wearer.

Embroidery techniques like Kashmiri hand embroidery and chikan embroidery are some of the more famous techniques used on Indian bridal sarees. It may be plain or may be having printed or with embroidered designs. Buy your best attire from the store you can trust.


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