Cotton Salwar Kameez -The real Comfort Traditional Outfit

As we all know that a cotton clothes gives us the comfortless. Cotton clothes the benefits that can be wore in all climates. It allows complete freedom from the heat of the summers. It allows your body to remain cool. That is the magical proper of the Cotton. These properties are now available to the Salwar kameez. When women wear the Cotton Salwar Kameez, they usually wear a long scarf or shawl called a dupatta around the head or neck.

For Muslim women, the dupatta is a less stringent alternative to the chador or burqa .For Sikh and Hindu women (especially those from northern India, where the salwar kameez is most popular), the dupatta is useful when the head must be covered, as in a Gurdwara or a Temple, or the presence of elders. For other women, the dupatta is simply a stylish accessory that can be worn over one shoulder or draped around the chest and over both shoulders.

Many people among us  should have a thought that cotton salwar kameez as fit only for day-to-day wear, the fact of the matter is, that the simple elegance of the fabric makes it worthy to be worn everywhere. The only thing that matters is the design that you choose for it

These cotton fabrics have also many varieties, from soft cotton to mal cotton, poplin to jacquard, sheer and linen you admired of fabric, then you could choose one that allows you beauty at most high.
Buy yours form wide collection at G3 fashions salwar kameez , You just desire and we build your style for that exactly suits for you… Remember only the sky, is your limit!


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