Most Popular Ways in India to Wear a Saree

Saree is the most popular Indian traditional outfit, it’s simply the best attire that Indian women can wear for any occasion. The saree suits every woman irrespective of her age, skin colour and shape. The Indian sarees complements the figure of any woman and its universal adaptability makes it a favorite of the ladies. Saree is the most graceful and classy outfit for any formal or traditional occasion. It can give a sexy look at parties or even an elegant formal look at meetings or formal gatherings, it depends upon the type you wear and the way you wear it. The popularity of sarees is visible from bollywood flicks as most of them have heroines flaunting their designer saree in songs or celebrities wearing sarees at international events.

There are many ways to wear a saree. Women can flaunt their belly, neck line or even back, or can keep it simple and subdued by covering well. As India is a land of diversity and variety, sarees are also worn in different ways at different states. The 6 yard saree is considered standard, however there are many states where 9 yard long sarees are normally worn. The most common way to wear a saree is wrapping it around the body starting from the waist, with six pleats in the front and ending at left shoulder, with the pallu. We see such saree worn by professional women such as teachers, lady constables, air hostesses, and also women in hospitality industry, etc.

The most popular ways to wear a saree are as follows:

Traditional Maharashtrain wear saree in pant style. It enables them to carry on their on-field chores and fishing work freely. It is unique and suits their day to day life. The Goan women also wear similar sari in the form of a pant, which has been their typical style since ancient ages. Bengali women wear saree in a specific and differentiated way- it is wrapped up closely and the drape falls down loosely, it gives a very graceful look to any woman wearing it.

Then you have gujarati style of wearing a saree, where the pallu falls in front instead of back, it is popular allover the nation as women can show off their pallu, which is the best part of a saree. Women at Assam and other nearby states women knot it below their shoulders, making it comfortable for them to carry on their daily work of picking up tea leaves. Not just style of wearing saree, the design and work on it also differs from state to state.

The grace and elegance of saree has a global appeal as many internally recognized celebrities are putting it on at special events and designers are launching special range of sarees under their label.

If you have an occasion on the way and you are looking for a prefect outfit then don’t think much just go and get a saree for that event. There are innumerable shops selling exclusive range of designer sarees, you can pick up whichever pattern, design or color you want. India has become a global market so now we can avail best saree at competitive prices.


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